March 4th 2017

Jager Stage, ALL AGES /$20 Cover

8:45-9:30 – Call Me Karizma (Minneapolis MN, Alternative)

8:05-8:30 – Cosmos & Creature (Toluca Lake CA, Progressive Pop)

7:25-7:50 – Kid Quill (Shelbyville IN, Rap/Hip-Hop)

6:40-7:10 – Patternist (Pacific NW, IndiePop/ElectroPop/IndieRock/Alt)

6:00-6:25 – Joshua Palkin (Singer-Songwriter)


4:45 – V.I.P

5:30 – Doors

6:00 – Show


$15 presale includes Meet & Greet

$75 VIP includes Q&A, donuts & hot cocoa

Wednesday Nights


Jager Stage 7PM – 11PM

Penny Road Pub Wednesday night open mic night  Hosted by Willie-Max (guitarist of Facelift).

Drums and amps provided. Drummers bring cymbals, pedal, snare or use the ones provided. Guitarist/Bassists bring pedalboard and a cord or use the ones provided.

Wednesday nights downstairs from 7-11pm. Rock/Metal/Grunge/Blues… Everyone is welcome. Guitar Contest at 9:00pm. Come out and jam or come out to watch.. acoustic and solo Acts welcome or bring the band!!


February 18th. 2017

Jager Stage

All Ages Show

Local Show

6:00-6:35 – Joshua Palkin

6:45-7:20 – Daniel Thomas K

7:30-8:15 – Zack Baumgartner

8:25-9:00 – Lauren Prather

9:10-9:50 – Adam Linder

10:00-10:45 – Amber Rae



February 17th. 2017

Jager Stage

All Ages Show

Local Punk Show

7oo-730 dumpster pizza

745-815 the jester

830-900 Oedipus Rex and the motherfuckers

915-945 torch the hive

1000-1045 TBA